About BexBooks

In 2001, I inherited about 400 books from my father. Believing that there must be some way to “recycle” these books for a good cause, I began listing them with online booksellers. I committed that a portion of the profits would go to not-for-profit organizations that are bringing help and hope to less fortunate people in the world. Among them are orphanages, women’s shelters, schools, disaster relief, community development groups, drug rehab facilities, and counseling centers.

From those humble beginnings, I now maintain an inventory of approximately 30,000 books – all of which have come through donations. Some, from individuals who like the idea of their old books going to a good cause, others from not-for-profit organizations who collect books for fund-raising purposes.

If you would like to contribute to the inventory, contact me to arrange delivery or pick-up.

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